Child of God

Nobody can put out that light of the fire inside of you,
Your conscience will never seek to undermine you,
For you have given authority to the keeper of your soul
And not those that flock temporarily around you.

Your worth lies more in the strength of your faith,
Your joy doesn’t flicker one bit nor fade,
It flows from within and keeps overflowing outwardly and generously,
From that spring of life-giving waters that you chose to harness within you.

Walking in self-worth and self-assurance
Took many a battle that you fought quietly within the walls you built around you,
Fighting those wars inside your head,
Equipped with your spiritual armour,
Nothing could stand against the affirmations
that had long been engraved deep inside you.

When the whole world, even friend and kin,
seemingly turned against you,
When you felt cornered out and exiled even in your own space,
Little did you know then, that your hope and faith is actually the only reason you came through,
Unscathed and unburdened,
Stronger than ever before,
Left and Immersed in nothing but that Grace,
That found you right there,
In the bitter depths of your soul.

There was, is and will always be that light inside of you,
You may not perceive it’s greatness when all that you actually see is that blinding tunnel-view,
The light so faint yet almost right near you;
At that moment there are countless ways to get there to it,
Look straight ahead and find your resources,
Pick up that positivity, immerse yourself in His words of truth,
And fight those demons of fear, insufficiency, guilt and unworthiness with your spiritual gear,
For only then can you run the race with perseverance towards your goal.

As seen before in your periods of darkness,
He never failed to lead you towards His light,
He’s been ever-faithful,
He’s done it countless times before, in the smallest of ways
With every minute detail taken care of,
Do you now doubt that He would ever leave you?

As long as His Spirit of truth reigns in your life,
You’ve got nothing to fear,
You’ve found the lover of your soul,
The tamer of your fears,
The constant ignition to your joy, love and peace,
Which no mere being can ever prove to substitute.

There’s a reason you’ve got that fire burning inside of you,
For you’re a dear Child of God,
And nobody, absolutely nobody can ever
take that right away from you.




Broken Alabaster Jar

Brokenness didn’t deter the woman who came to see Him,
Nor did the guilt and shame of her past bring her to ruin;
She sought forgiveness,
She sought fulfilment,
She longed for life,
Mercy unending and grace overflowing;
No judgements passed,
No trail to trace back.

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Unending Mercy, Amazing Grace

When I fall short in my faith
Still, Your grace amazes me,
When all I see is flaws and pain,
Still, your mercy remains,
When nothing goes the way I hope
You tell me to just let go of my plans.

When all I can see is the unworthiness in me,
You pursue me like no one else;
When life gets hard,
You make my burden seem lighter
You tell me once again,
“Trust and obey”.

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Real You

Never be sorry for what you are..
Or let anyone make you feel like an outcast,
Don’t feel ashamed of who you are,
It takes courage to protect yourself,
It takes will power to lay barriers and build walls,
It takes power to hold it all in,
It takes patience to wait,
It takes love and persistence for the future joy
That enables protection of your present self;

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The calm to my storm

When all people see is calm and peace
Inside this heart is a raging storm
So violent and breathless that it’s waves crash
In all directions without a fixed form.

The tides cave in,
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A love that’s not very vocal
But deep rooted in faith and trust,
Often underrated and taken for granted
Much more than it ever must.

Assuming the role isn’t easy
When it’s more than just responsibility,
Like a shepherd guarding his flock fearlessly,
Gathering them all under his protecting hood
That is sewn out of his very livelihood.

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Caught in the Web of Discernment?


In a world so cynical about every step of an individual, where the fine lines between good and bad are completely blurred out, the voice inside our heads are slowly becoming dumb, or rather we are becoming deaf to it.
We get caught up in the whirlwind of differentiating right from wrong, where everything that seems rosy is said to be wrong, and everything that’s not worth taking a second glance is termed to be good. How does it even make sense?

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The person whose smile is enough to make me feel like there’s nothing I should be afraid of,
Whose smile brightens up my every moment,
Literally turns my tears into joy.
Her embrace is the one thing that can fix all my brokenness and hopelessness,
Who fills my entire life with positivity,
She never fails to make me feel like I’m the most precious person on earth.

Everything about her seems like heaven,
Like a li’l touch of the glitter that falls straight from the heavenly abode.
The sparkle in her eyes is enough to make my entire being glow,
The love that far exceeds her capacity to give,
Continues to overflow to the lives who are her only lifeline.

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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love poured out for me and you,
Overcoming all barriers that separates Him from you,
Beauty exemplified to us in many a different way,
That one calls as graces and blessings
That is showered upon us each day.

How wonderful it is to be grateful
With all that you’ve ever had,
And accept the love that was,
That is and is always meant to be,
Unaltered it stands, so careful and true
It offers a shimmer of hope and makes all things new.

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